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Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine 3 Gallon Kit (Seasonal Release)

Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine 3 Gallon Kit (Seasonal Release)

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Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine 12L Kit

For a limited time only, you can make a most delicious dessert wine.  The Chocolate Raspberry Dessert wine features wonderful notes of Chocolate, Raspberry, plums and warm cherries.  While this wine can stand on it's own, it will pair well with toasted nuts, shortbread or any dessert that your heart desires. 

Sweetness Rating: 7
Oak Rating: Medium
Body: Full
ABV: 17% (It's big and tasty)

This kit is a pure juice and will product 3 gallons of fine wine.  No additional water is needed. While the wine will be ready and very enjoyable at three also is known to age very well so don't forget to squirrel a bottle or two away for a cold winters night, or heck you could just buy two kits so that you have a full six gallons to last you through to the next season. 

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