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All Grain Hydrometer (Triple Scale)

All Grain Hydrometer (Triple Scale)

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An Austin Homebrew Supply Exclusive

Made in the USA. This triple scale hydrometer is calibrated to 155 F (68.3 C). This allows for easy sampling directly from a mash tun. It is made from German flint glass so it can handle high temperatures. However, it should not be "shocked" or moved from very hot liquids to very cold liquids quickly.

The steel shot and wax at the bottom of this glass hydrometer allows it to float in solutions. This hydrometer should not be used to stir the beer or wine.

Length: 8.9" (22.5cm). Range: 0.990-1.170.

Temperature Conversion Chart
110 F-.012
115 F-.011
120 F-.010
125 F-.008
130 F-.007
135 F-.006
140 F-.004
145 F-.003
150 F-.001
155 F----
160 F+.002
165 F+.004
170 F+.005
175 F+.007
180 F+.009
185 F+.011
190 F+.012
195 F+.014
200 F+.016

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