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Alcohol Boost
Alcohol Boost

Alcohol Boost

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Alcohol Boost 14 oz bag.

BrewVint Alcohol Boost is 55% Maltose and 45% Glucose. 

This dry sugar adjunct will boost the alcohol content without changing the taste, color, or aroma of the beer. 

One 14 oz (397 g) bag will boost the beer 1% ABV.

How To Increase ABV Of Beer: 5 Gallon Batch
  1. Choose your favorite All-Grain or Extract batch of beer.
  2. Brew your favorite 5 gallon batch of beer, and follow specific brewing instructions.
  3. At Flame Out, stir in a 14oz bag of Alcohol Boost into the brew kettle.
  4. Stir to dissolve, making sure no Alcohol Boost has stuck to the bottom of the fermenter.
  5. Continue with the normal brewing process, chill beer and transfer to fermenting vessel.
What is the difference between "Flame Out" and "Mash Out"?
  • Flameout is an addition to the brewing process that you make to your boil kettle right as you cut the heat source.  Most commonly, this would be a hop addition that you are wanting to get the most aroma you can from the hops.  But this addition is also the place to add spices, sugars and Alcohol Boost.
  • Mash Out is a brewing process that takes place during the mash during an all-grain brew.  To "Mash Out" your mash is to raise the temperature up above the point where conversion can happen, thus denaturing the enzymes needed for starch conversion, which will lock in your mash profile.

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