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Air Still Beginner Kit
Air Still Beginner Kit

Air Still Beginner Kit

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Air Still Beginner Kit

The Still Spirits Air Still is a revolutionary still which fits right at home among your everyday kitchen appliances. It is air cooled and uses no water for cooling, as such is highly compact and perfect for small batches. This easy plug and play system takes just two hours per distillation cycle and produces enough to make a 1 liter bottle from every batch.  The beginner kit includes the entire contents of the companion pack and The Complete Distiller book. With this kit you'll have the equipment you'll need to get started and one of the most thorough and informative print sources available to answer all your distilling questions. 

-Still Spirits Air Still
-2.5 US Gallon fermenter with spigot
-Graduated Collector
-Carbon Cartridge Filter System
-Ceramic boil enhancer
-Distilling conditioner
-The Complete Distiller (book)

Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

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