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ANVIL Ferment in a Kettle Kit - 7.5 Gallon

ANVIL Ferment in a Kettle Kit - 7.5 Gallon

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Blichmann Engineering


ANVIL Ferment in a Kettle Kit - 7.5 Gallon

What the FIAK? Ferment IA Kettle!!

John Palmer and the masterminds at ANVIL have developed a new system that allows you to easily convert your kettle for dual purpose use as a fermentor!

  • Block oxygen and bacteria from entering using a patent-pending silicone lid seal.  Fits right on top of the standard ANVIL Kettle Lid!
  • Use the pre-drilled hole on your Kettle Lid with the included airlock and grommet to easily convert without need for any modifications to the kettle
  • ANVIL's stud welded handles do not penetrate your kettle, eliminating rivets which can hide bacteria
  • Cover any exposed threads, and create a super sanitary thermometer connection with a unique sanitary nut
  • Teflon washer allows you freely turn your valve and diptube, transforming it into a racking arm for sediment free transferring!

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