AHS Zombie Apocalypse Cherry Cyser

AHS Zombie Apocalypse Cherry Cyser

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Once upon a time in a city called Austin, TX there was an event of such great horror, that to this day, we rarely speak of it. The city was overrun with zombies! The infection started from a secret military lab in a small base located on the edge of the city. It spread like wildfire, there were zombies everywhere. You couldn't drive down the street without seeing zombie warnings or the brain eating beasts limping down the sidewalk. The city was spared only because of the great zombie cure. This cure came from the city's mightiest group of heroes, the homebrewers at Austin Homebrew Supply. The AHS Zombie Apocalypse Cherry Cyser is that cure, and it will heal any zombie infection and/or prevent one from taking hold. This is not a zombie killer, it's a zombie healer. Refreshingly tart with a hint of apple sweetness, even if you don't have to deal with a zombie apocalypse, you'll enjoy the subtle apple, cherry and honey flavors that this cyser mead has to offer.

*This recipe is designed and includes instructions for carbonating using a homebrew keg system.

-Texas Wild Flower Honey
-AHS Zombie Juice
-Cider House Apple Cider Kit

-AHS Mead Stabilizer and Clarifier Pack

Vital Statistics:
O.G. = 1.049
F.G. = 1.000
ABV = 6% ABV

Makes 5 US gallons
5 Stars
Not too bad
Turned out pretty good, I added some extra black cherry puree on ferment. got a nice sweetness!
Reviewed by:  from Waco Texas. on 5/17/2017
5 Stars
great stuff!
I was surprised how well this turned out. Previous attempts at cyser and mead were hit and miss. This is a sweet cyser. Follow the reciepe, I was tempted to go against the instructions and add the sweetener packet but glad I didn't, it is sweet as is. I had to buy a kegging system to carbonate it but it was time for me to convert from bottling anyway. I'm ordering another kit.
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee. on 2/23/2017
5 Stars
Semi experienced home brewer
First attempt at a mead / cyser. Enjoyed it very much. Very refreshing, smell and taste. Was going to let some fellow home brewers try it, but I drank it all...Oh well, Guess I'll have to make more!
Reviewed by:  from Crystal River. on 12/22/2016

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