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AHS Pumpkin Latte (23) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit
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AHS Pumpkin Latte (23) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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The Pumpkin Latte is a roasty, maltly spiced pumpkin beer. Lactose sugar and vanilla will provide a creamy body that plays well with the chocolate and coffee notes from the specialty grains. Put this in your thermos.

Specialty malts: chocolate malt, coffee malt, Caravienne, biscuit malt, black roasted barley
Featured hops: Glacier
Other additives: lactose sugar, pumpkin spice pack, vanilla extract


O.G. = 1.050
F.G. = 1.015
Approximately 4.9% ABV
Approximately 168 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

The optional pumpkin is not provided with the recipe. It must be purchased separately.

Pumpkin preparation: cut enough small pumpkins into 1 inch cubes to yield 1 lb. Place the pumpkin on a cooking pan and cook in the oven at 350 F for 30 min or until softened. If pumpkin in unavailable, 1 lb of canned pumpkin (non-spiced) may be used instead. The pumpkin is added with the grains during mashing.
Makes 5 US gallons