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AHS Presents Fright Night 2017: The Malevolent Murder Maze

AHS Presents Fright Night 2017: The Malevolent Murder Maze

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AHS Presents Fright Night 2017: The Malevolent Murder Maze

Will you Survive?

The infamous AHS Halloween Adventure is back!! October 28th, 2017 from 5 pm - Midnight.

This year features a truly terrifying and unforgettable experience deep in the heart of Texas! There will be fear, laughter, anxiety and a sense of "why the hell did I do this!"

You'd better be ready to run, crawl or hide for your life!  However, we'll be there with plenty of liquid courage (homebrew and hard cider!) to keep you going until the end.  

Reserve your place now and be part of the adventure as 40 lucky souls party their way to an extreme scare.

Ticketed passengers Must arrive by 5:30 pm

Fright Night Features:

-An unforgettable Halloween experience

-Homebrew and Hard cider, special elixir made by Binky and Matt (For extra courage!)

-Recovery Time at Barrow Brewery

-Snacks and games

-40 other people to watch you pee your pants and share your fright!


By purchasing this ticket, you are agreeing to board a bus with Members of the Austin Homebrew Supply  For the rest of the disclaimer will be known as AHS.  You agree to travel on the bus to a remote location, have a crap ton of fun and enjoy food and homemade beer along the way!  ( Imagine That? ) .  As you join us, and share in our appreciation of the Halloween spirit, please keep in mind the following…. This is a Halloween Themed evening. (You are encouraged to dress the part.)  What better way to spend a Saturday night than with the Jokers, Devils and Clowns from AHS, Homebrew, and Hard Cider...Pizza and Snacks! (Special Elixir?  Made by Binky and Magic Matt?  OF COURSE!)  As we saunter down the highway in our patriotic camouflage, inside, there will be plenty of Freaks, Laughs, Funky Lights and loud obnoxious Music, not too loud, but somewhat loud, ok..loud.  AHS staff reserve the right to subject you to, but not limited to, the choice of music, who drives the bus, crazy antics, and whatever else comes to mind as we think of it.  During the scare portions of the event, you may be touched and grabbed, “NOT inappropriately of course” you may need the ability to run, crawl, or hide at any given time to reach safety. AHS is not responsible for lost or damaged articles (including people, pets, or invisible friends) during or after the event, this includes your transportation if left on property. AHS is not affiliated with, or in cahoots with, any of the stops for the evening and is exempt from any and all accidents, injuries, wounded egos, hurt feelings, or illegal activities, or anything else you may feel compelled to complain about. You do not have the right to be offended, if you feel offended, please keep it to yourself.  If you feel that you have not been offended, and would like to be, just let us know and we will be happy to offend you.  The pick up station will be Austin Homebrew supply and end in the same location.  You are agreeing to drink responsibly, not to drink and drive, you will be responsible for someone to pick you up if you plan on overdrinking.  If you are so drunk, that you must hold on to the grass to keep from falling off the earth, we will call you a ride at your expense.  In the event of rain, lightening, the sky falling or evil monkeys highjacking the bus, ( It only happened once ) or any acts of God, or any other worshipped being, AHS reserves the right to end, pause, or stop the event at our discretion. AHS also reserves the right to dismiss or exclude any individual for excessive behavioral problems. If you want to exit the ride at anytime, you are welcome to, though, we probably will not stop the bus for you to do so.  Respect your fellow man/woman, be kind to each other, and remember, we aren't here for a long time, we’re here for a good time!  

                                                  Happy Halloween!

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