AHS Piloncillo Porter  (12B) - ALL GRAIN

AHS Piloncillo Porter (12B) - ALL GRAIN

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Piloncillo is Mexican unrefined brown sugar which will add a subtle, yet distinctive, caramel flavor. We think you will enjoy this London-style porter.

Specialty malts: English Crystal, chocolate malt, Black Patent
Featured hops: Palisade
Other additives: Piloncillo (Panela)

O.G. = 1.057
F.G. = 1.016
Approximately 5.4% ABV
Approximately 192 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons
5 Stars
Classic Review
Will brew again. Used Wyeast Pacman yeast, fermented in low 60's (no higher than 63). In primary for 3 weeks, then kegged and force carbed. An extremely clean, drinkable porter. Not a robust porter. Not too heavy, so very quaffable over an evening. Hard to say which porter recipe I like better - this one or AHS' Hey Porter. Both good for flavorful and easy drinking porters. The Piloncillo doesn't really add any caramel - to me, it makes the body lighter since it will ferment out almost completely.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014
5 Stars
Classic Review
This has been in the keg for almost 2 weeks now. The brown sugar really lightens the body, which isn't bad on this one. Still get that nice porter nose and taste profile. Insanely drinkable, maybe too much so! I would definitely make this again.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014
3 Stars
Classic Review
It's a good beer, but not my favorite. There are other recipes I'll try before I brew this one again.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014
4 Stars
Classic Review
This one wasn't terribly carmel flavored like I had hoped. However it is definitely a great porter with some nice chocolate undertones. I would make this one again.
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014

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