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ACCUmash Water Treatment SRM >26, Malty, 1.045-1.065 OG

ACCUmash Water Treatment SRM >26, Malty, 1.045-1.065 OG

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ACCUmash Water Treatment: Dark
SRM: > 26
OG: 1.045 - 1.065
Finish: Malty

ACCUmash, will help cut out any water chemistry hurtles in your all grain brewing process. Once you have the ACCUmash packet that meets the characteristics of beer you are brewing, blend the entire package's content into a few pounds of the grain. Add the mixture to purified mash water (RO water or distilled). Stir vigorously and add the remaining grain. Check your pH and make any last adjustments you may need based on your recipe or personal preference. With several formulas available based on target color, finish and original gravity, there is an ACCUmash packet available for almost any beer you are targeting. Let ACCUmash help you control/eliminate all of the variables associated with water in your brewing process.

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