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5-Piece Home Canning Kit

5-Piece Home Canning Kit

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5-Piece Home Canning Kit

A simple, easy way to start canning delicious treats in your own home! This is the prefect set for new and experienced canners! Great for making large batches of jam, salsa, barbecue sauce and more!

This 5-piece canning kit includes all the must-have tools to successfully start canning on your own. This kit includes the Jar Brush, 2-Cup Measuring Cup, Magnetic Lid Lifter, Jar Lifter, and Jar Funnel. The Jar Brush helps ensure your cans are clean, giving you the convenience of reaching into the deep corners of jars without squeezing your hands into narrow jar openings. Use 2-Cup Measuring Cup, with graduated measurement, to accurately measure out all your necessary ingredients and the Jar Funnel, which will fit inside any wide or regular mouth canning jar, ensures those ingredients end up in your canning jar, not on your counter. The Jar Lifter allows you to remove hot jars without injuring your hands, and as a bonus it helps prevent accidental breakage of lid seals while moving jars. Last, but not least, the Magnetic Lid Lifter serves two purposes. It magnetically attaches to your lid so you can safely secure hot canning lids, but it also acts as a bubble remover. BPA free.

-Jar Lifter: Safely place & remove jars from the canner
-Jar Funnel: For both wide and regular mouth jars
-Magnetic Lid Lifter/Bubble Remover: Use the magnetic end to attach hot canning lids, and use the other end to remove bubbles from your jar
-Jar Brush: Sized for any size canning jars
-2-Cup Measuring Cup: Graduated measurements and easy to grip handle

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