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5 Gallon Glass Wide Mouth Carboy

5 Gallon Glass Wide Mouth Carboy

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Item Number:24-5156-Wide

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5 Gallon Glass Wide Mouth Carboy

This 5 gallon carboy is ideal for secondary fermentation of any 5 gallon batch of beer, wine or mead. The nonporous glass interior makes it easy to both clean and sanitize. Many homebrewers prefer glass carboys over plastic ones because plastic carboy are much easier to scrach, which can lead to difficult to remove bacteria build up. The wide mouth design allows easy access to the interior of the carboy, making cleaning even easier. The interior lid also features a convenient port for quickly installing a drilled universal stopper and airlock.

-5 Gallon Capacity Glass Carboy
-Plastic Interior Lid
-Plastic Screw Cap

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