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5 Gallon Glass Carboy
5 Gallon Glass Carboy

5 Gallon Glass Carboy

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Feature: L.D. Carlson
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The 5 gallon carboy is the perfect size to be used as a secondary fermenter for our beer kits. It can also be used as a primary fermenter for 3 gallon wine kits, or for homemade batches of wine or mead.

The carboy ships without accessories. That way you can customize your carboy by selecting from our accessory list below. Pick the airlock and stopper option for a complete fermenter. The carboy dryer keeps the carboy inverted for faster air drying. The carboy thermometer is a stick-on to attach to the side of the carboy. Add a carboy handle for a more secure hold.

Dimensions: Approximately 19" H x 10" W

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