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3' Special Faucet Shank for Jockey Box

3" Special Faucet Shank for Jockey Box

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Jockey Box Shank
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3" Special Shank for Jockey Box

This is a chrome plated 3" long Jockey Box Beer Shank . The recess is 5/16" x 1/4" Bore. This shank is the perfect length for mounting through a standard thickness cooler wall. 
Add an extra shank to your existing set-up or make your own Jockey Box Draft Beer System! 

Need a Faucet for Your New Shank? Check out our Full Selection of CM Becker, Krome, and Perlick Beer Faucets HERE!

Need Extra Tubing for Your Jockey Box Draft System? We Have All the Beer Line and Thick Wall Gas Line You Need HERE!

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