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3 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy
3 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy

3 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy

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3 Gallon PET Plastic Carboy PET fermentation carboys are:

  • Unbreakable and tough
  • Taste and odor-free
  • Virtually impermeable to oxygen
  • Clear, colorless, and incredibly light weight
These carboys are made from a special, scientifically tested, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) copolymer plastic that is non-absorbing, non-porous, and non-wetting (hydrophobic), so it does not carry over flavors from one batch of wine or beer to the next. And it is easy to clean and sanitize. Finally, think about the unthinkable: what happens if a full glass carboy is dropped?

This carboy takes a medium universal stopper, much larger than the stopper that fits glass carboys. To use this bottle as a fermenter, you will need to add a stopper and airlock. See above.

Dimensions: Approximately 16" H x 8 3/4" W

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