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25' 3/8
25' 3/8' Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

25' 3/8" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

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All NEW! 25' 3/8" Wort Chiller w/Garden Hose Fittings

This chiller is perfect for cooling 5 gallons of wort in minutes. No need to wait hours to pitch your yeast and tempt fate. Minimize bacterial infections of your wort and start fermenting NOW! 25 feet of copper tubing is expertly coiled to provide maximum heat dispersal. The wide 10" diameter makes sure the maximum possible copper surface area is in your wort, increasing your chilling efficiency.

By continually flowing cool water through the copper coils of the wort chiller, your wort's temperature will drop rapidly. Brass compression garden hose fittings on both the in and out ends of the chiller ensures the water flows where you intend it, not leaking or spraying in your face. The below diagram shows a chiller in conjunction with a pre-chiller (which chills the in-flowing water to increase your cool-down speed) to demonstrate the chilling process.

Want to shift your chilling process into high-gear? Add a Copper Pre-Chiller HERE!

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