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2-Ply White Cheese Wrap - 5 pack
2-Ply White Cheese Wrap - 5 pack

2-Ply White Cheese Wrap - 5 pack

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2-Ply White Cheese Wrap - 5 pack

These cheese wraps (7.75" x 7.75") are for white mold ripened cheeses such as Camembert, Crottin, Tomme, and Brie. This white, two part breathable paper is perfect for the delicate bloom and correct moisture during aging which is so important in the mold ripened cheeses of France.

Comprised of two layers - the inner layer (cheese side) is a paraffin coated, thin, white parchment paper bonded to a 20 micron opaque, white, micro-perforated, polypropylene layer (outer layer).

The inner layer is designed to pull moisture away from the surface of the cheese. The parafin coating keeps the candidum mold from growing into the paper, which would result in tearing of the surface upon opening. The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss, essentially allowing the white mold to remain active while not becoming excessive.

Wrap cheese with dull, parchment side towards the cheese. Age and store as directed in your recipe.

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