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 Sauvignon Blanc Muscat California Lodi Passport Series 2016

Sauvignon Blanc Muscat California Lodi Passport Series 2016

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Release Date : January 2016

Sauvignon Blanc Muscat California Lodi

The Wine

Succulent & refreshing, this delectably fragarant concoction is the ideal blend of these favored varietals. Sauvignon Blanc presents citrus and raw herb aspects, while Muscat delivers stone fruit and flowery notes. Brilliant fruit bouqet gives way to refreshing citrus, peach, and melon flavors with a suggestion of tropical sweetness and a subtle, clean finish.

The Region

Made famous by Creedence, Lodi is blessed with a Mediterranean climate highlighted by warm days, low humidity, and brisk nights. Nippy delta winds help balance the heat, creating an ideal atmosphere for producing savory, fruit-forward grapes. Lodi seldom sees precipitation during the growing season. This lack of rain enables producers more regulation of crop development via irrigation. Mineral deposits are collected from rivers running through the Sierra Nevada mountains creating soils which contribute complex flavors to area wines.

The Food

Simple meals and fresh flavors best suit this

California white. Chicken quesadillas, turkey burgers, lightly spiced shrimp skewers, salmon with dill, fresh herb and lemon pasta, and fresh tomato bruschetta are ideal

Alc./Vol: 12.5% Body: Medium Sweetness: Off dry

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